Pay bills an easy way with Blue Boost

What is Blue Boost?

Blue Boost® is an easy and secure way to stay in control of your bill payments from the security of your online banking. 

You can choose which account to pay bills from, and schedule payments on a date that works for you, so long as you have funds available in your account on the scheduled date. Those are just some of the ways Blue Boost is in your corner.

Blue Boost is available in the online banking of over 150 banks, credit unions, building societies and neo banks like UpBank™, and latest innovations like Beem®.

Over 60,000 businesses offer Blue Boost to help their customers pay bills securely while making it easier for themselves to reconcile their accounts receivable.

How to pay with Blue Boost?

Caitlin from Melbourne says

"I appreciate how easy and quick it is to transfer to companies with essentially a tap of a button. 
I love the sense of security around it because I know my money is being sent to the right place.
That is why I use it for bigger expenses such as car insurance". 

Fiona from Sydney says

"I love Blue Boost I use it all the time. 
My bank actually has a special tab in payments just for Blue Boost payees so I can find
them quickly and easily for things that have a regular payment in it. 
It is one of my preferred methods for making payments".

Mel from Perth says

"I find being able to see something is paid from my bank account directly
puts my mind at ease a bit better than other forms of payments.
 Definitely would recommend using it".

Alba from NSW says

"I use Blue Boost all the time, maybe once a fortnight and maybe once a week and
I find it a very easy way of payment without having to leave home to do anything. 
I really love it". 

Find your bank or Blue Boost Biller

Check here to see if your bank or Biller offers Blue Boost, or to find a Biller Code